Friday, June 22, 2007


Neutral this

"If Switzerland's neutral, why does it need an army? And why do they need such a good knife?"

"...and at this point, I thought I was never going to stop laughing..."


Right after Adam had said his piece regarding the insidious Swiss, the image of The Swiss Army Gun appeared in my head.

The Swiss Army Gun would be capable of firing:


Those flimsy metal chairs that are always conveniently lying around ringside at pro wrestling bouts

Bengal Tigers

Argumentative lawyers in cheap suits

Hand grenades


Horses with no stones stuck in their hooves

Hydrochloric acid



Hot gravel

Sleepy wasps

Boar spears


Former leaders of the Conservative Party

Expensive cars with drunk eight-year olds at the wheel

Two bowling balls, joined with an eight-foot length of piano wire


Adam's idea: it would also have The Flag That Says "Bang!" for people who are surrendering.

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