Sunday, August 19, 2012


Levelling the playing field

Thank you for contacting me regarding the issue of same sex marriage.
The Scottish Government is giving careful consideration to all of the points that have been raised and the Government will set out the way forward very soon.
Thank you for contacting me.
                 , MSP 

In all the excitement of being me and, against all the odds, still being at liberty, I'd quite forgotten that I'd taken the time to vent my spleen at the Scottish Government over inequality in marriage rights.

In fact, I'd rather been put up to it by a circular petition with a pro-forma letter attached. I had at least taken the time to personalise the letter, as you may judge for yourself:

Dear                  MSP,  
I am writing to you in your role as a member of the Scottish Government because the Cabinet is currently discussing whether to allow same-sex marriage in Scotland.  
The current ban on same-sex marriage is discriminatory, and goes against Scotland's values of equality, fairness and social justice. It is wrong to deny lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people equal rights.  
Therefore, I think it's only fair that you also abolish opposite-sex marriage forthwith. That way, everyone's in the same boat. Plus, people will no longer be able to claim family tax benefits, so you'll generate a lot more revenue.  
Sincerely yrs, &c
Daniel McKeown

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The first bickering

But what actually will happen when he presents this evidence to the world?  Firstly he will come up against the jealousy and infighting which goes on endlessly amongst all researchers in both the conventional sciences and the para-sciences; his method will be questioned and his honesty brought into doubt.  Even if he is part of a ten-man time, all of whom are in total agreement about the evidence, this is how it will be.  In fact in all likelihood the first bickering will take place amongst those ten.

From The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits
by John and Anne Spencer

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