Friday, January 26, 2007


Where's yours?

Having endured the indignity of a pre-payday trip to Kobe with a pencil case full of 50 yen pieces, I was in the mood to treat myself when the deluge of dollar came splashing over the barren desert of my bank balance on the 15th. Accordingly, I went out and bought this:


(Image courtesy of somebody else's page)

It's a portable DVD player and I'm using it to annoy other commuters on the Keihan line and lower the tone of the teacher's room at school. I also tried to write my name on it with a board marker the other day, but it wiped straight off, leaving a nasty grey residue. I might decorate it with some stickers instead, if I can find something suitably offensive.

In the meantime, I have this handy new media device but not a great deal of media. If anyone wants to send me DVDs, AVI files or anything, I'd be awfully grateful.

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I got you. I'll lace you with some DVDs next time I see you, if you give proper heads up.--vmmm
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