Saturday, November 17, 2012


You are so strong. They will not catch you.

In my earpiece, I could hear Bjarne's calm voice, urging me on.
You are destroying the Tour de France.
Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, you are so strong.
They will not catch you.
You can talk all you want about the BBs [blood bags] and the Edgar [EPO]; you can call me a cheater and a doper until the cows come home.  But the fact remains that in a race where everybody had equal opportunity, I played the game and I played it well.  I took a chance and I pushed myself as hard as I could, and when the day was over, I finished first.  As I approached the line, I slowed so Bjarne could pull up next to me and we linked hands in victory.  The press called it the longest and most courageous breakaway in Tour history.

from The Secret Race


I think we could all do with Bjarne Riis in our earpiece every now and then.  The incessant doping and squalid back-street blood transfusions I could do without, mind you.

I read The Secret Race in my local Waterstones over the last few evenings.  The shop has all the things I don't have at home right now: books, warmth and light.  It's an engrossing read - but that was definitely the best bit.

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