Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You broke it, you bought it



DAN: Hi Joe.

JOE: Hi Dan, how's it going?

DAN: Good, except I can't find any bloody coffee in this shop.

JOE: Which shop are you in?

DAN: The pound shop.

JOE: Ah. Of course, all the stuff in there comes from other shops which have gone into liquidation. So when you're shopping there, what you're buying is other people's broken dreams.

If he has a point, I don't see it. And I'm becoming increasingly desperate for coffee

DAN: And?

JOE: And coffee happens to be one broken dream that flies off the shelves pretty quickly.


Happily, one broken dream that hadn't flown off the shelf was the DVD of Merlin (1998), with Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham Carter, Rutger Hauer et al.

Whenever I see such an impressive cast list, I'm reminded of Island of Fire, a poor Taiwanese film which featured most of the hottest actors of the time, as they owed the producer a favour for getting them out of trouble with the Triads.

After sitting through all three hours of the DVD yestereve, I felt that I'd pretty much got what I'd paid for.

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