Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Obsession for men

The humble charity shop is never to be overlooked as a source of literature, music or random football shirts. Glyn and I, at a loss for anything better to do with a morning in Coventry, were in Age Concern checking out last decade's duds.

Glyn inspected random football shirt #3, whose provenance I forget.

"I don't know, man, I think it might be a bit big on me."

I had a look at the shirt, had a look at Glyn, and didn't much like the look of either. I am not, however, one to discourage foolhardy purchase of random football shirts.

"Nah, just throw a few pork pies down you and you'll soon fill that thing out."

The woman browsing the shelf next to us stifled a giggle. We stopped frowning at the random football shirt and frowned at her instead.

"You do realise," she said, "that's the exact opposite of the conversation two women would be having."

Nothing but magic.

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