Friday, March 05, 2010


Stepping out in style

With just over a week to go until the Silverstone Half Marathon and after the dismal conditions at the South London 10k, I decided it was time to invest in some new footwear.

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a pair of running shoes: price, comfort, look and the sheer ballache of finding them in a size 12.

After visiting two stores I had seen one semi-suitable pair.

Store #3 looked a shade more promising: I had a couple of contenders below the £30 mark. One pair seemed comfy, but looked absolutely ghastly with a sort of tin-foil and guano motif.

his angle doesn't show the mock tortoiseshell effect on the heel
This angle doesn't show the mock
tortoiseshell effect on the heel

I popped them back on the shelves and went for something a bit plainer.

Sadly, the plain pair proved to be as comfy as a set of rat traps. Shuddering, I got the ghastly pair back off the shelf. They fit like gloves, so I parted with my cash.

I'm wearing them right now. They feel lovely but I think I can say without exaggeration that I've put my feet in better-looking dog turds.

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I've never understood why running shoes are so damn ugly.
No-one is going to belooking at your feet if those vests are as ridiculous as you say they are. They'll be too busy throwing rotten cabbages at you.
It's true - the vests make us look like... well, a pair of prats in silly vests, really.
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