Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The agony and the ecstasy

We had the joy of seeing Coventry City on the idiot box last week in their FA Cup replay against Portsmouth.

Sam and I dashed into Coral beforehand to lay a couple of wagers on the outcome.

In a fairly dire game, Coventry led from the first half, before scoring a dreadful own goal in the 89th minute.

As I had laid a fiver on Coventry to lead at half time and be level at full time, I wasn't exactly taking the kitchenware to my wrists when this happened.

Sam, also a Cov fan, was a little less chipper - none of his bets had come home.

Neither of us were particularly pleased with Cov's defending during extra time, particularly when they conceded in the 119th minute, to consign dreams of cup glory to the cupboard for another year.

I did have a £70 win to sugar the pill, though - call it heartbreak insurance.

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