Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Moments I live for, Vol. I

#1033. Cracking funny when someone has a mouthful of drink and making them spit it out.

We were relaxing after the pub quiz and the mum's chum was talking about her two hyperactive cats and how she'd thought getting two cats was such a good idea, sigh...

I delivered myself of the opinion that having two cats is great: they play, chase each other round the house...

"They fight," the mum's chum corrected me.

"Just like boys," the mum chimed in.

"Me and Joe don't fight much," I protested.

"No-o..." said the mum thoughtfully, taking a swig of beer to buy her time in which to think of the best way to qualify this glaring falsehood.

"...'Cuz I 'ad you two neutered," I supply in my best The Mum voice.

The mum fights it for twenty seconds or so, shoulders shaking, face screwed up, before spitting her beer back into her glass, to the delight of all present. Then she clutches her ears, bewailing the built-up pressure in her head.

I live for these moments, among others.

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This one made me giggle out loud in my cubicle. Nice one!
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