Saturday, February 07, 2009


Fool me once...

Somehow, and completely irrationally, I felt involved in Colin's death, as if a personal timeline had been derailed on my behalf and destiny rewritten to rescue a failing relationship. Slowly we tried to put it behind us and his name was never mentioned again. A few years later we had another child and our marriage entered a new, happier phase. I vowed to be a more attentive husband and adjust my work-life balance. But I couldn't forget the affair, especially how close it had happened to home.

I should have trusted my instinct: 12 years later, my wife ran off with my best friend.

I read about my wife's affair in her diary
The Grauniad 7th Feb, 2009

Best thing I've read in the paper in years- fair play to the bloke for sharing the story too.


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