Monday, December 29, 2008


The road less travelled

Leon and I went up to Manchester for a Saturday night reunion piss-up with Real Osaka team mates Mark Bailey (back from Osaka for a Xmas visit) and Tom Dylan (now a local councillor, although I'm a little unclear as to the locale.)

The journey up was frustratingly slow, but not too fraught as we were in fine spirits. I didn't much fancy the prospect of the M6 on the way home, though. Therefore, I dug out my slightly-damp atlas from the boot of the car, entrusted it to Leon, and bade him navigate us a route back.

"Dan, I thought you said this atlas was damp? It's soaking."

He did a good job getting us home, though: we came back on winding roads through the Peak District, which took hours upon hours, but was a great deal more soothing for the soul than going through Staffordshire at 25 mph on a three-lane motorway.

Somewhere up a hill in the peak district
Somewhere up a hill in the Peak District

photo of Leon looking gormless
Leon glad to be wearing his coat inside the car

view of god-forsaken hills
A view that bests that of the RAC centre, as seen from the M6

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