Sunday, July 20, 2008


The only two blokes in the Care Bears exhibit

I'm in Nagoya and it's great. We came last night on the Kintetsu line ("Just in case you forgot you were actually in Asia": my idea for an advertising slogan- makes the Nankai line look like the Shinkansen.) We stayed with the VMM's surrogates last night and went to queue up for sumo tickets this morning.

Mischief duly managed, we opted for a few hours mooching round the city centre before checking in to watch the action. When we got to Parco, it turned out they were having a Care Bears exhibition in the in-store gallery. I put it to the VMM and, surprisingly, he agreed. Or at least, didn't hit me. So in we went.


Surrounded by Care Bears paraphernalia on all sides.

VMM: Hey, they got My Little Pony in here too?

ME: My Little Pony?! What are you- a fucking faggot?

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