Saturday, July 26, 2008


Go smash a pheasant

VMM: ...and I sunged this lady in FKB. We were arguing about whether you wear a Jinbei in summer or winter....


I remembered the incident well enough; Holmes was repeating it for the benefit of a third party. What impressed me was the new bit of vocab he busted out:

Sung, to sung someone: to beat someone so soundly in a battle of Japanese cultural knowledge that they are left looking like a Korean. From the name "Sung."

Example: I sunged my students on Japanese superstitions today.

As soon as I heard the word, I understood it and how it was to be used evermore at every available opportunity. My enthusiasm wasn't even dampened when it turned out that he'd actually said "sonned." (Son, meaning "to school.")

Funny how things get started.


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