Friday, June 13, 2008


Roach watch 08 #1

For all of you who enjoyed last year's action as Dan took out comically-named bugs as they scuttled round his apartment, here's our first installment for 2008.

Bug #1: "Hillary"

Very big, black bug. I suddenly noticed him scuttling up my wall towards the ceiling. A fierce whack with a towel brought him down to earth, where he lay, twitching feebly. I rummaged out a bottle of washing up liquid and administered the coup de grace, whereupon he expended the last of his energy pushing himself over onto his back to assume the now-legendary "dead cockroach" position. (Why do they always do that?)

I was going to dub him "Edmund Hillary" in recognition of his climbing exploits. On further consideration, I decided that "Hillary" would be sufficient.


Roach dies after ingesting potent neurotoxins, e.g., Diet Coke, some traditional bug poison like pyrethrum. Neurotoxins cause the roach to twitch itself to death, in the course of which it will frequently kick over on its back, there to flail helplessly until the end comes. No doubt this accounts for the supine position of the deceased cockroaches you observed.
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