Friday, August 17, 2007


Grisly death to the bugs of Higashi Shinsai

One of the numerous drawbacks of the hot, humid Japanese summer is the resurgence of the cockroach population. So far, I've had three in the room and dealt grisly death to each in turn.

#1 "Salman"

Opened front door, saw glimpse of dark movement amongst my trainers just inside the room. As the skulking bug was confined to the footwell, I had no need to hurry. I turned on the air con, changed my shirt, then grabbed the washing-up liquid (cockroach napalm, folks) and squeezed the bottle out over my unwelcome visitor he twitched horribly, then perished. I left him where he lay for a couple of days, just to warn his mates.

#2 "Linford"

This guy was determined not to go out the same way as Salman: the instant I opened my door, he came racing out. I've read that a cockroach can scuttle 50 times its own body length in a single second. Trying to get past the cat-like reflexes of Dan was a bit of an error, though. Stomp. Nice try, Linford.

#3 "The Terminator"

In the end, I had to hit this guy with a bookshelf. A bookshelf.


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