Friday, April 04, 2008


Kyushu photos

Here's a few snaps of me and Joe on our Kyushu jaunt. We visited Fukuoka and Nagasaki. There'll be more to follow on facebook and this page after I'm finally rid of the shag-haired villain and able to get down to some serious geekery again.

Notes for the non-Nippon literate: Kyushu is the southernmost of Japan's four main islands. It takes about twelve hours by ferry from Osaka. And the Softbank Hawks suck.

The boat to Moji.

Joe's bed.

My bed.

(We got upgraded from economy floorspace!)

Fukuoka: Joe was suitably impressed with the o-hanami.

Nagasaki: a temple.

The Japanese phrase for "two peas in a pod" is uri futatsu, meaning "two melons."

Go on, say it...

Fine weather in Nagasaki peace park (peace statue in the background.)

The one-legged torii gate in Nagasaki. No prizes for guessing what happened to the other leg.

The 26 Christian martyrs of Japan (go on, count them!)

These were crucified in Nagasaki in 1597 after the shogunate had decided that having Christians about the place wasn't a good idea.

More snaps to follow!

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