Monday, April 14, 2008


Alternative professions and travel safety

Told a Japanese acquaintance that I was looking to make the move out of English teaching into some other profession. When asked what, I came up with my usual answer, which is atari-ya (someone who deliberately gets involved in road accidents in order to demand on-the-spot compensation from the driver) with the alternative of tsutsumotase. This latter translates into English as "badger game", with thanks to this page's Japanese readership for knowledge dropped.

On a not entirely dissimilar thread to the latter, read an article on the Mainichi web site about how train operators are not planning to provide male-only carriages, despite growing numbers of flighty jawns making false accusations of groping in order to earn some filthy lucre.

This place, honestly...

I've never been a fan of the women-only carriages. What message are they sending to women who stand in the other carriages? You're making yourself a target? You're asking for trouble?

On your own head be it?

Knowledge gleaned from the VMM: if you're on a crowded train, keep both hands up on the hand rail where they can be seen. Because when a girl screams "chikan" you know some OB would love to think it was the gaijin.

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