Thursday, November 08, 2007


So THAT'S why the girls don't stay

Been in the net cafe for almost two hours, sent off any number of job applications, been rude to people on Facebook, nothing left to do.

I know, why not read the spam folder on my gmail?

Here's my top ten first lines.

Hi ya daniel.mckeown every guy wants big dick and so do you maribeth Drelicharz Nov 6
hello darling danielmckeown i think your taking the small penis thing way too lightly, it needs … Nov 6
hello love daniel.mckeown you know why the girls dont stay, change that and add some length and … Nov 5
wat up danielmckeown you dont have the balls to enlarge your penis, or do you? http://golgstar … Nov 4
Greets danielmckeown if you do anything this year, making your dick big is a must http://teanaxe … Oct 27
Hello readers danielmckeown just out of curiousity, do you want a huge cock? … Oct 24
What's happening daniel.mckeown believe me, if she could make it bigger she really would http … Oct 24
wots up daniel.mckeown stop paying for sex dummy! get all the girls with a big cock http … Oct 23
hello there daniel.mckeown you cant hide a small cock from her, so make it humungous! http … Oct 22
hello babe danielmckeown stop wasting your money on other shit, buy penis pills http://www … Oct 22

Great stuff. I may have to check how my spam filter works though: half of these were from my mother.


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