Monday, November 05, 2007


Counting the small victories, still waiting for the big one

And so the wait continues: mail today from bug-eyed psychopath staff (she means well) states that Avon will not be choosing its sponsor until the 8th (Thursday), which means that I certainly won't be seeing any of the money they owe me this week.

That said, financial salvation beckons in the unlikely form of one of my (ex?) students, who will be paying me cash in hand for a lesson tomorrow.

Potential drawbacks:

1. I'm not charging enough.

2. Given the inconvenient location and attendant travel costs, I'm definitely not charging enough.

3. Given that the student in question is none other than HK legend "Deady McHusband" (nickname derived from her favourite conversation topic: her dead husband), I'm definitely, definitely not charging enough.

That said, I'm not feeling too trapped between days: Monday has been a day of small victories.

First of all, I paid my bills without waiting for any of my utilities to be cut off first.

Secondly, I got my pain-in-the-neck computer to actually run a functional Japanese dictionary program. I celebrated this quantum leap in academic potential by neglecting my studies for the rest of the afternoon and playing computer pinball until I finally managed to force the obscene entry I made while drunk off the high score table.

Thirdly, I got my test voucher for this year's Japanese proficiency test: rather than having to hoof it out to the unlovely Osaka University campus I've visited twice before, I'll be taking the test in Owada, which is on my usual train route and much better for my inner calm.

Came to the net cafe after 5km on the treadmill at the gym and found that someone's finally offering me a job interview! Took you long enough, dumbasses!

(Bad news is that the interviewing company make Avon look like a human rights organisation, according to what I've read about them on the internet. Still, Rome wasn't built in a day.)


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