Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Black Friday II

On Black Friday, we didn't get paid (previous post.) On Black Friday II, a week later, schools didn't even open.

Current situation: at a meeting held in Namba on Friday night, we were told that the company president had got the boot (sound effect: bolt sliding shut on the stable door, followed by muffled horsey-galloping noises fading into the distance). The company now has to find a sponsor to assume its considerable debts and restore it to functioning order, or fold up completely.

As I understand it, in the former case, our benefactors will pay outstanding salaries and everyone will get complimentary chocolate biscuits; in the latter case, we will be eligible to receive 80% of outstanding salary.

In the meantime, school's out! I'm not technically unemployed, but school isn't open, so I'm on my hols.

Right now, I'm firing off resumes left, right and centre. No bites yet, but I daresay the market's a bit crowded at the mo.

Some messages:

Thanks to all who have offered support during this difficult period.

Sorry to all students who currently find themselves up the creek.

Big shout to Nova employees (the ones I can stand, at any rate): hang in there!

And to our erstwhile company president: I hope you go to jail for theft, fraud and incitement to arson.

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Did you see the photos of "NOVA's president room"? That room has not only his desk & chair but a kitchen, a counter (with a lot of expensive liquor), a shower room and even a sauna... He must be arrested!!
I don't really mind the pimp office so much, but with all the money that's disappeared, shady stock market dealings and whatnot, I agree: he should be locked up and never let out.

Hope you're doing well- could be time to find a new hobby!
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