Friday, August 31, 2007


What's in a name?

The Japanese readership of this page was in school yesterday: she gave me a bit of a laugh name-dropping the 1500m runner Khoudir Aggoune. His surname is pronounced Aho ne, which translates into Japanese as He's a prat, isn't he or similar.

Very funny, Japan: let's all laugh at the guy with a funny name. Hey, who's running for you in the women's marathon? Oh that's right: Reiko Tosa, tossers!

However, for a truly unfortunate name, we need look no further than newly-crowned 100 and 200 metre champion, Tyson Gay of America. It's not difficult to imagine how Gay developed his prodigious turn of pace: a monicker like that is bound to earn you some extra attention from the ne'er-do-wells at school.


VMM: If your surname was "Gay," you'd change it, right?

DAN: Nah... I'd just change my first name to "Not."

We raise our glasses to this, although his is already empty. Feels like the 1400s arrived in the 1300s this month.

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1300's = 14th century, bastich.
and good call. my weaksauce wit will return.


tyson gay is mad gay but at least he won some golds for me nation. Thatcherland must burn.
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