Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Tanuki watch 2008

In the staffroom yesterday I was riding roughshod all over the Tanuki again. I fear nothing except fear itself: fear, and that dream where all my teeth and toenails start falling out.

The Tanuki decided she'd had enough of my gyp and it was time to drop her bombshell. She informed me that she'd be taking over from trusted comrade Caesar (with whom I was having a balloon-wafting contest) as the Figure Of Authority at Hirakata. Caesar was getting shipped off to Kyobashi.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish" I shrugged. The Tanuki choked back a laugh; Caesar took it in his stride.

"Welcome to new rubbish" I added, giving my most impish grin and wafting the balloon extra hard with my freebie fan.

My coffin's got so many nails in it by now, we could take it down the wrecking yard and lift it up with one of those car magnets.

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