Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Sports psychology

I was up in front of the students last week, armed with nothing better than a copy of the Japan Times. Amongst the myriad of stories guaranteed not to spark interest amongst those assembled was the report of the Japanese rugby team's 51-3 rout at the hands of the Junior All Blacks in the Pacific Nations Cup.

I pointed out that if your rugby team's nickname is "The Brave Blossoms" (which it is, heaven help them), you're unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of your opposition.

Whilst the students were digesting this, I came up with a similar example.

ME: Two years ago, Gamba and Cerezo Osaka were vying for the J-League title. Now, Gamba are still at it, but Cerezo have sunk without a trace. Why do you suppose this is?

Wait all of 0.39 seconds for an answer

ME: ...Because they wear pink! That's why.

Students look dubious


The mighty Real Osaka (my team) have enjoyed a pretty good rate of success over the last few years. Coincidentally or otherwise, we wear black and we look really scary.

Further good omens for the future arrived the other day when our full back, Bailey, announced that he'd been playing futsal with our erstwhile rivals, the Osaka Jets. Apparently, they're gearing up to get a pink strip of their own.

"They're all like, yeah, this is great, we'll really stand out! And I'm like, yeah lads, if you want to look like Juventus third team at a gay club."

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you wear a purple shirt and lance armstrong bracelets to work.--vmm
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