Friday, May 25, 2007


In the park

I got packed off to Top World kids school on Tuesday. Easy life: three lessons, kids I used to teach. Since me, they've had Wes and, more recently, Adam. Some of the older kids were anxious for news about Wes.

HE: Is Wesley-sensei still doing survival?

ME: Er, yes?

(One of the many pitfalls of Japanese is that words with English pronunciation sometimes have a wildly different meaning. At this stage, I was a little baffled.)

SHE: He's living in a park, right?

(Now I recalled that Wes had told his students he was homeless.)

ME: Actually, because it has recently been raining, he has moved under a bridge.

The kids were delighted with this information. It was only after I spoke to Wes the next day that I began to wonder if maybe they actually believed it.

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