Friday, May 25, 2007


Dan in his many guises

Went down to a bar in Ame-mura to watch the FA Cup final the other night, and a mighty non-event it was too.

The one good part of the evening was when I saw a guy I know called Justin in front of me at the bar. He hadn't noticed me and was talking to someone else, I was wondering how best to make my presence known, when Justin accidentally trod on my toe: not heavily, just a touch.

He turned round to apologise. I put on a mock-angry face and called him a very bad word which my mother would not find at all amusing.

What should have happened was that Justin should have said: "Oh wow, Dan! Haven't seen you in ages. What's going on?" Or similar.

What actually happened was that Justin looked very alarmed and turned back round hurriedly.

Puzzled, I rubbed my chin. He obviously hadn't recognised me, but...

Ah, right. Beard.

"Er, Justin...?"

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