Monday, February 26, 2007


Sayonara Issei special

Warning: contains strong language, which some prudish twats may object to
Tonight I bade farewell to team striker and personal favourite Issei, who is leaving for Shikoku, bumblefuck to Japan.

I have always attempted to get the most out of Issei's English, so I gave him one of my customary language drills on the ride home from football practice.

ME: OK, so we put "the fuck" in after the question word to indicate surprise or anger. OK?

HE: Er..

ME: Where are we?

HE: Where...

ME: The fuck...

HE: Where the fuck are we?

ME: Good! What are you wearing?

HE: What the fuck are you wearing?

ME: What did you say?

HE: What the fuck did you say?

ME: Great. Now the big one: how did that leopard get in here?

HE: Eh.. What?!

We disembarked at Hankyu Umeda.

HE: If you have a plan to come to Ehime, please call me.

ME: That's a big "if."

We parted half in sorrow, half in jest. Goodbye Issei- I wish you wouldn't use so many curse words.


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