Friday, January 26, 2007


Valour's excrement: Part 2

The beard is now making excellent progress and beginning to get that fuse-wire feel that I seem to remember my father's beard having when I was very young.

I confronted my Tuesday afternoon critics, braced for the worst. "You didn't shave again!" shouted the five-year-old girl in disapproval. I told her that the three-year-old I teach on Wednesdays, Kokoro, had told me my beard was very cute. (This is true, by the way.) The girl announced that Kokoro is a very strange name; the two boys in the class agreed.

With some trepidation, I asked them whether Dan was also a strange name, but they assured me that it was actually an extremely cool name.

If you added all their ages together, you might have enough for a teenager.


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