Tuesday, January 30, 2007


On top of the world, just not on top of my big smart mouth

Nice little trip down memory lane today: in lieu of Wes (elsewhere), I went to teach at Top World, the kids school that used to be my regular Tuesday gig.

Naturally, some of the younger students had forgotten me, but I did a pretty good job of reminding them; particularly when I lobbed the kid with ADS out of the classroom for pissing me off. At least the mothers remembered me and they were suitably impressed with my beard.

The older students remembered me pretty well and were none too complimentary about my new look. They seemed a bit rusty, though: one of them asked me what had happened to Wes and I told her he'd been hit by a bus and couldn't come to work until next week. For a priceless moment, her mouth hung so wide open I could have chucked my textbook in there, then realisation dawned and she remarked to one of the other girls that I was still in the habit of saying stupid stuff.

It was good to be back, if only briefly.

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Was it the Tuesday Top World kids that broke Kevin's spirit? It pains me that I can't remember. The disinterested older boys, the horrendous little ones, and the toddler named after a beer who just ran in circles? Boy, am I glad that's over.
Stop being such a misery guts. What broke Kevin's spirit was the ruling against pink shirts that was handed down from Head Office. Besides, you speak of the Wednesday class that I'll be taking over from next month.
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