Friday, January 12, 2007



Brought back a nice collection of souvenirs from Korea, or rather from the convenience store aboard the HMS Knobcuff: an armful of tinned silkworm pupa, that tasty snack that appeared at Andrew's sayonara bash.

I've still got one can in reserve. The rest have been distributed to various dullards and deadbeats and, most memorably, to a select group of my students (ie: those who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Having unloaded a can of the wretched things onto this page's Japanese readership up front (shashin kudasai!), I went to my not-quite-last lesson of the day armed with several pairs of purloined chopsticks, looking forward to partaking of the pupa with whoever was around.

Sadly, I was the only one doing any partaking as it turned out: those who'd tried the pupa once had evidently decided that this was once to often. There were even some too chicken to try, cluck cluck. Undaunted, I made what semblance of erudition I could whilst popping one of the misfortunate pupa into my mouth every now and then.

(They really aren't that bad- they taste like what you'd imagine silkworm pupa to taste like if you weren't blessed with much of an imagination.)

Bell rang for lesson end. One for the road, I decided. I delved into the can with my chopsticks, searching for the fattest, juiciest pupa I could find. When I withdrew my chopsticks, the chosen one was not clamped expertly between them in testament to my superb chopstick technique, but was actually dangling a few inches below, attached by a fine thread that had suddenly squirted out of his butt in testament to how minging silkworm pupa are.

Listening to stifled student screams, whilst an untimely-plucked insect dangles from my chopsticks by his post-mortal thread: oh my.

I gave him a few gentle swings, ate him, made my excuses and left.

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