Friday, May 12, 2006


Cashing the chips

Productive day: went to visit the cloistered Nazis in the accommodation department to hand back the keys to 602 Yoshida.

Having got the ball rolling despite paucity of sleep, I resolved to bleed the day dry. I called in my travel expenses and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I still had stuff owed from February (don't ask, don't get, I guess.)

Finally, got home and got to work on the penny jar for paying into the bank tomorrow. Last time I emptied this little bunny was almost a year and a half ago, so it was getting pretty heavy.

The mighty jar yielded the following:

- Enough Japanese currency to beat a Whale to death with.

- Enough Canadian currency to buy a small coffee.

- Enough Vietnamese currency to merit an old-fashioned look from a mango vendor.

- Enough contraceptives to kit out a minibus full of drug mules.

- Enough body hair to knit my own yak.

Were the contraceptives used or unused?

It saddens me deeply that one of my oldest friends could harbour suspicions that I would be depraved enough to save up used condoms.

It saddens me even more that I am probably worthy of said suspicions.

And it saddens me most of all that they weren't used.

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