Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Getting my rear in gear

Hi, I'd like to volunteer to help on Sunday. Not a qualified first aider or anything, but can say the alphabet backwards very quickly and my PB for holding my breath is slightly over two minutes, so if that qualifies me for any special duties, feel free to use my unique skill set.

The event in question was the Finsbury Park Festival of Running 5k, in aid of Bowel Cancer UK. The festival was organised by my running club, London Heathside, with whom I've been doing so much running recently that my legs don't even feel like my own any more. Hence another good reason to volunteer and sit the race out, aside from the worthiness of the cause.

In fact, there was a whole load of races as there were trials for the London Mini-Marathon, the pre-race spectacle of lots of kids legging it round a massively shortened course.

Heathside did well in the grown-ups race (unsurprisingly as we outnumbered all the other competitors) and there was this delightful inflatable colon thing at the finish for people to explore:

The weather was absolutely horrific but I had the warm glow of knowing I was contributing to the greater good. I also had the warmer glow of having a waterproof jacket and a hot cup of tea while everyone else was running around in the pissing wet.


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