Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Yin of six, the Yang of nine

The first race of this year was an absolute toughie: a very hilly 10k that knocked hell out of my legs, not to mention my brother.

It wasn't all bad though: at least I was given an auspicious race number at registration.

ME: McKeowns, Daniel and Joseph.

SHE: Right, Daniel, number 69; Joseph, number 70.

ME: Back of the net!

Why so delighted with 69? Why, gentle reader, because of its rotational symmetry, of course. In celebration of this happy fact, I proudly wore my race number upside down.


This confused the registration lady somewhat.

SHE: Er, I think your number's on upside down.

ME: It's worse than you think - I've also got my socks on the wrong feet.

When the results were posted on the noticeboard, I found the bemused organisers had crossed out the number next to my finishing position three times before finally mastering the fact that an upside-down 69 isn't 96.

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