Saturday, January 01, 2011



It's difficult to make a New Year into a fresh start with the ghost of the previous year's revelry still clanging against the inside of one's temples. Fortunately, I was armed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of hangover cures and the last egg in the house.

A Prairie Oyster is a drink consisting of a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. The egg is broken into a glass so as not to break the yolk, which causes the drink to bear a similarity to the texture of an actual oyster. The drink is typically served the morning after a night of hard drinking as a hangover cure.
from Wikipedia

The scientific explanation is that the egg yolk is a source of niacin, which is apparently just what you're after when you have a tumultuous hangover.

A more prosaic view of it is that your condition probably isn't fatal if you can hold a raw egg down.


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