Monday, May 03, 2010


General election 2010

My thoughts on the forthcoming election.

1. I might have considered voting Lib Dem, but I can't stand Nick Clegg. He's a jumped-up little bastard who reminds me horribly of Tony Blair. He wouldn't take us into any wars, but he might take us into the Euro. Yes, we missed that boat but it did turn out to be the Titanic.

2. The Tories have finally stopped smearing Gordon Brown in their election posters, reasoning that no matter what they do to him, it wouldn't be as bad as what he does to himself (Gordon Brown calls Labour supporter a 'bigoted woman'). Unfortunately, their new tactic is putting David Cameron on their posters, giving "Let's..." suggestions, much in the manner of the twat in the pub.

I'm waiting for the moment when he shows his true colours with

Let's bring back the death penalty


Let's dynamite the Channel Tunnel

3. Gordon Brown has about as much talent for politics as I have for breathing underwater.


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