Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Sheffield Half Marathon

For part two of my half marathon hat-trick (justgiving page), I ran the Sheffield half on Sunday morning.

To get myself in the mood, I treated myself to a trip to the London Marathon Expo, despite TfL's insistence on buggering about with the transport system.

Taking a time predictor test at the London Marathon Expo.
It didn't predict anything good.

With the streets of our nation's capital choked with people flocking to see the marathon, it's a good thing I did have something on this weekend, otherwise I would probably have been a bit fed up not to be taking part. I was running a half on my own for the first time. Kate was running the 3km fun run, but I still felt a bit lonely with no one to talk to.

Kate and I, gearing ourselves up

I entertained myself through the early stages by playing pub cricket, although Sheffield's pubs yielded a meagre eight runs for the loss of 15 wickets.

It was hot and hilly and the organisers, with debatable wisdom, saved the energy drink stop for just before the 10-mile mark, which was rather too late.

Amnesty pulls clear of Cancer Research UK.
Take that, Race for Life!

The Female 35+ section yielded the most drama of the day as the leader came into the final straight in the stadium and collapsed flat on her face. While she was wobbling and crawling around, another runner came sailing through to win the category. Medical staff were on hand but weren't allowed to touch her as this would have meant disqualification.

Eventually, she staggered across the line like a crippled beggar and was loaded into an ambulance.

Just over 10 minutes later, I cam wobbling into the stadium myself to finish in a new PB of 1:41:04. Kate told me about the F35 face-planter and also that she'd been talking about me to Radio Sheffield, upon which point the Radio Sheffield lady rocked up to hear some more. Hurray, I'm famous!

Kate, for her part, had completed the fun run, then gone off and bought herself a full English breakfast with MY money. I do tip my hat to her for finding a place that laid on breakfast for £3 though.

The commemorative gong was a nice shade of blue that matches my eyes

The prizes for finishing the fun run look like they
fell out of a third-world christmas stocking


haha. I look so say :0( poor me. Was a good value brekka tho!

Kate xx
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