Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Giving me a bad name

...although I suspect he may feel that I'm giving him a bad name. Hm.

With thanks to fearless correspondent Russ Greaves for unearthing this little gem on (reprinted from the St Petersburg Times).

Man accused of exposing himself to teens in Weeki Wachee

WEEKI WACHEE — A Homosassa man who authorities say exposed himself to two teenagers in a neighborhood north of Weeki Wachee on Sunday evening has been charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a minor.

Daniel P. McKeown, 25, was standing in the road near the 11000 block of Mirage Avenue when he unzipped his jeans, exposed his genitals to the two teenagers and made the same vulgar comment several times, according to an arrest report from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. Several adults witnessed McKeown's actions, the report said.

McKeown fled from deputies and ran into a vacant home before he was caught, so he was also charged with trespassing. McKeown told deputies he'd drank five beers and did not remember exposing himself, according to the report.

McKeown, of 4385 S Marcan Trail, remained in the Hernando County Jail on a bond of $15,500.

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It would take way more than 5 beers for you to pull a stunt like that!
It's not about the beer! I - oops, sorry - he just enjoys whipping his wang out.
Russ's actually flattering, as it states you're 25!
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