Friday, February 19, 2010


Encore quatre ans, cherie

In the 2003 Rugby World Cup semi final between Australia and New Zealand, Australia's scrum half, George Gregan, was picked up on broadcast cheerily calling "Four more years, boys!" to the opposition as the clock ticked down on another disappointing New Zealand exit.

I only wish Gregan had been next to the starting gate at the Olympic Women's Downhill in Vancouver, as Marion Rolland of France made it fully six yards before wobbling on one ski, veering off to the right and crashing to the floor.

Attempts to post youtube footage of this have generally been obstructed by the "dog in manger" attitude of the IOC, who aren't going to be using it on any of their highlights reel, methinks.

I hope she's entered in one or two of the other skiing events and she makes a better fist of it next time.

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