Tuesday, February 09, 2010



It was the Superbowl last night and, despite comparative ignorance of American football, I wasn't about to let the opportunity for a sesh go by.

Simple premise: invite people round, split into Colts and Saints, and drink according to game events.

First down: team defending drinks
Turnover: team losing possession drinks
Points scored: team defending drinks
Losing yards on a play: team in possession drinks (extra for a QB sack)

There was also pizza and wings.

Matt and I were on the Saints team, Glyn and Pete were the Colts.

The game began well with Saints winning the toss, but this was about the last time Glyn and Pete had to drink in the first quarter as the Saints kicked away possession on their first two drives and the Colts scored on both of theirs.

Worse was to follow when we got absolutely schooled at the half time beer pong.

Thankfully, the Saints came good in the end, although I was possibly a bit too well oiled to savour the victory as much as I might have.

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