Saturday, November 28, 2009



Have you done something to my Facebook status? she demands.

I give her the ice grill. I am, it is true, sitting at the computer she has just vacated. It is also true that she left herself logged in to Facebook. However, I do have some standards.

Do you remember the other day, I reply with some asperity, and I said dicking around with people's passworded computer stuff was no better than rifling their wallet and taking their credit cards?

Yes, she replies, and I remember you then saying you'd do it in a hot second.

My argument is evidently flawed.

Her status, incidentally, reads: Nikki Culley is a buffoon.

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Almost as good as keitai text terrorism...
Although I laughed aloud on reading this... I could definitely sue you for unlawful release of my name... and claim damages for the defamatory inclusion of 'buffoon'. I am as we speak trying to find out how many times this page has been accessed, so I can sue your sorry ass more than once.

Well I just accessed it so that's another time. But I must say, I know Dan 'The Defaminator' McKeown quite well and buffoon from him is a term of endearment. Also I don't think you can sue more than once for the same defamation Culley you Buffoon! No wonder you only got a B in Media Law!
I thought each publication was a fresh instance of libel and each time a page was accessed was a fresh publication.

Anywoo, I'm not going to cower behind the "it was actually a term of endearment" defence - I'm going justification all the way.

Woooah ye-aaah....
You also are a buffoon Mckeown. Each access is a fresh publication but you can only sue someone once for the same thing no matter how many times you publish it. Would you sue the sun 3.2 million times because that's how many papers they printed with the libel in it!! I despair with you pair, I really do.
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