Friday, October 30, 2009



Just to clue my thousands of readers in to some of the cosmetic alterations on Trashed Elbow this week: the new links on the right are people off my course.

The Unlikely Lads are Josh and Matt, who are challenging each other at all 26 Olympic disciplines (everything in the Olympics fits into one of 26 categories) and recording their efforts.

Very funny and provides revealing insight into the minds of these two disturbed individuals.

Bloggers are egomaniacs
is Glyn's effort which is currently detailing his less ambitious plan to grow a moustache for Movember.

Finally, the reason my picture on the right has disappeared is because Yahoo are a worthless shower of tossers. I shall be putting this to rights once I track down a copy of the iconic "Trashed Elbow" snap in the bedlam that is my gmail account.


I think you fail to realise what an emotional and physical effort it will be for me to grow a moustache. There is the tear jerking nostalgia of the fact that my dad grew his first moustache back in the 80's at the same age I am now. There is the immense amount of exercise I am doing to force my uncooperative glands to squeeze out the necessary testosterone. It puts 'The Likely Lads' paltry efforts to shame. And then there is the emotional pain I will be going through by being so much more attractive, thanks to the Mo, at a time when I have exams and my social life is so heavily curtailed. Now perhaps you might want to rethink your foolhardy, 'less ambitious' comment!
And perhaps you might want to accept my foot in your arse.
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