Sunday, October 25, 2009


Preparation, part deux

An e-mail from the half marathon tomfoolerisers advised all entrants to write their name and an emergency contact number on the reverse of our race numbers (I'm number 14.)

I scribbled in my name, the house number and Follow me on Twitter! dangmckeown to be on the safe side.

I also stuck in a Japanese proverb on the face of the number:

Daikibansei: great talents mature late

In order to be fully prepared for the rigours of taking on fluids on the run, I did a few laps of the block taking plastic cups of squash off the front wall: not a great success.

First time: I threw half the drink over Joe, who was lining them up, and lost most of the rest up my sleeve.

Second time: I managed to get 50% of the drink in my mouth and 100% in my face.

Third time: I took the cup on the run at full speed with a deft pirouette, drained the contents, then threw up as I was running down the road.

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