Thursday, October 08, 2009


Over-egged the breakfast

I awoke yesterday morning full of hope for a glorious day, full of worthwhile learning, sparkling discourse and personal triumph.

This zealous state of mind lasted approximately 30 seconds. As I went to turn on the bedroom light, I was rewarded with total inertia. The credit on my electricity token had evidently run out overnight.

My thoughts turned to the matter of my breakfast. Generally, I prepare an espresso over my camping stove and boil an egg to take with me and have when I get into college. However, the fridge was out and I had three eggs remaining, the extra two of which I was loth to waste.

So I boiled all of them and today I am left with a hitherto-undiscovered respect for chickens: while they squeeze out the eggs nineteen to the dozen, here am I struggling to rid myself of three.

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