Friday, August 21, 2009


Pedantic antics

Tetrodotoxin is potentially lethal to humans; ingesting only a small amount can cause paralysis and death within an hour. The substance has killed many a would-be Japanese gourmet who has eaten under-cooked fugu pufferfish, a delicacy in Japan.
NZ beaches empty as dogs poisoned by killer seaslugs
The Times Online

My inner pedant couldn't let this pass: I went through all the rigmarole of setting up an account on the Times website, purely for the sake of the following snotty comment:

Um, the Japanese aren't all that big on cooking their fish ~ the ones who've been killed by Fugu died as a result of the chef neglecting to remove the fish's ovaries / other poisonous bits, rather than how well done or otherwise said Fugu was.


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