Friday, June 19, 2009


Karmic warm-up

Wednesday night is football night - a long drive out to Shirley, followed by an hour or more of running around a big astroturf pitch, making the opposition look good.

I was warming up with Paul at the top end of the pitch. I hit a low pass which missed him, but did connect with a squirrel, who'd been keeping a low profile next to the fence. The squirrel ran around in fretful circles; we had a bit of a snigger.

Unwilling to see Nutkin-san meet with further accident, I tried to shepherd him over the fence. The trouble was, he wouldn't go. I had images of him being squashed by a well-hit shot. In the end, we had to walk in formation the length of the pitch with the increasingly jittery squirrel fleeing before us to the gate, while red squirrels around the world threw beer cans at their TV sets and shouted "kill the bastard!" and similar.

Nutkin-san made it out of the gate without mishap. Possibly due to the good karma I reaped from this, I got a couple of goals and broke a streak of several weeks without being on the winning team.

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