Friday, June 12, 2009


The Euro elections

The Euro elections, sad to say, weren't nearly as much fun as the Eurovision. I decided early doors to vote Green out of a general disregard for the main parties and because the socialist parties want out of the EU, which I think is a pretty counter-productive attitude; particularly when standing in a European election.

Note "socialist parties" there- plural: the Socialist Labour Party was joined on the ballot paper by NO2EU: Yes To Democracy. Both parties of the left, both campaigning for withdrawal from the EU, so why on earth weren't they working together? There is, I am convinced, a special corner of hell reserved for uncooperative socialist factions, where they have split the vote and end up united in misery under the administration of a jackboot-wearing far-right minority for all eternity. Whichever comrade it is that maintains must have known they were either asking the impossible or taking the piss when they chose the title.

Deep cleansing breath...

The mum did end up voting for the fractious lefties, bless her ideals, while Joe plumped for the pro-european Liberal Democrats, the only one of the three main parties where no one knows the name of the leader.

Joe also made note of the fact that the three of us, similarly-minded people, living under the same roof had all voted for different parties, which probably points to one of the reasons why literate voters throughout the realm are now faced with the ignominy and horror of BNP candidates representing the UK in the European Parliament, although at least we got out and voted, which is more than most of the electorate could be asked to do.

The results in brief:
UK Independence Party13
Liberal Democrats11
Green Party2
British National Party2
Scottish National Party2
Plaid Cymru1
Sinn Féin1
Democratic Unionist Party1
English Democrat0
Christian Party - Proclaiming Christ's Lordship 0
Socialist Labour Party0

Yes, the mum's team finished up further down the table than the god botherers and well out of the running for next season's Europa League.

In the aftermath of the election, Labour should probably have seized the opportunity to load Gordon Brown into a skip with a pitchfork. Sadly, they proved too craven and Brown's beleaguered administration lurches on towards whatever fresh debacle is waiting round the next corner.

Meanwhile, BNP leader Nick Griffin celebrated his breakthrough in mainstream politics by being pelted with eggs by angry protesters, which gave rise to the following SMS gag:

Nick Griffin was outraged by the egg-throwing attack - he says they should have separated the whites first.

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