Friday, May 22, 2009


Sumo tourny time once more

As usual, I've been following the sumo tournament online via the jittery, flickery feed available on Goo Sumo (you'd think they could manage a better website.)

Harumafuji and Hakuho are clear in the lead with 12-0 records, while Asashoryu is a win behind in second place. The two leaders will face each other tomorrow, Harumafuji will fight Asashoryu on Saturday, then the two yokozuna will be up against each other on Sunday. Exciting times!

Although Harumafuji has been sensational so far this tournament (having been a very slow starter in his previous two tournaments at the ozeki rank), his win yesterday against Kisenosato drew a lot of criticism for a perceived sidestep at the beginning of the bout, which is considered rather too underhand a tactic for an Ozeki.

Harumafuji, keeps a blog at with the slogan "Going toe to toe!" at the top of the page, although some indignant comments yesterday gave the lie to this:

"Think about how you used to feel when you got sidestepped by an ozeki. Poor old Kisenosato."

"What the hell happened to 'Going to to toe'?! I'm not going to cheer for you any more."

Stinging rebukes all round. Still, comment is free.


I can watch the matches on my keitai now. The final bout is always after a lesson has started but I've come to the point where I just bring in the phone and have the students watch. Everybody needs a little culture.--VMM
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