Sunday, May 03, 2009


Red hot silly buggers

Attention one and all: I have given over my windowsill to the growing of chilli peppers, the obvious advantages of having a ready source of humourous drink spikage readily to hand somewhat offset by the need to keep six pots of chemically-simulated manure in direct sunlight, a couple of feet from my bed.

At the moment, all I have is a couple of nascent shoots, raising their leaves timidly above the compost. I'm expecting to be able to start harvesting the fruit of my labour in June or July, so anyone who fancies a sample, let me know and I'll stick a couple of dried ones in the post for you.


Are you seriously going to send dried samples of your peppers in the mail?

Sign me up! I want one!

I recently experienced a lovely chemical burn on my nose/face after cooking with some dried 'Thai dragon' peppers. It was horrible, but hilarious.
I'd dig some too if they're not illegal.--VMM
Oh dear, Heather- it starts with Tabasco, then it gets serious...
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