Friday, May 08, 2009


AH1N1, AKA...

A Mexican footballer has been banned for spitting at an opponent then telling him he had swine flu. Guadalajara defender Hector Reynoso has provisionally been suspended from all matches in the Libertadores Cup after last week's game at Everton of Chile in South America's top club competition. The South American Football Confederation (CSF) said the length of the ban would be determined in the next 72 hours.

"Reynoso, following an incident in the game, reacted by spitting at Everton player Sebastian Penco and then releasing nasal secretions at the face of the player," said the CSF in a statement. "This situation, lamentable in its own right, was aggravated by the risk of a possible infection of the disease AH1N1 [swine flu]."

Mexican footballer banned for spitting and claiming he had swine flu
The Guardian, Monday 4 May 2009


My personal philosophy has always been to play the beautiful game like a gentleman, or as nearly as I can manage. I do have the occasional lapse, like the time recently when I distracted the defender who was marking me at a corner by pointing into the distance, saying "is that a new chippy?" then scarpering for the back post while he was looking away.


Saw this in the Yomiuri. Gotta' say it's better than talking about another player's sister.--VMM
I love that.
Kinda like that pilot who got put into jail for saying he had a bomb in the heel of his shoe (post 9/11 syndrome)
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