Tuesday, April 14, 2009


White bear bite scare nightmare

Pictures are available, but not much in the way of text, or meaningful text, at any rate. What is known is that the woman jumped into the polar bear enclosure at Berlin zoo, swam up to the bears, got mauled, then hauled to safety. The papers haven't managed to come up with any reason why the woman wanted to get so close to the bears.

Was it an elaborate suicide bid?

I consider the mum's suggestion, and the possibility of a clause existing in her life insurance, stating that death by polar bear will reap dividends for her next-of-kin.

I suspect that fräulein will be in deep legal scheisse when she gets out of hospital: most probably people will be full of disingenuous complaints about how "traumatised" their children were by her antics (although kids are always secretly hoping to see someone get mauled when they go to the zoo, as am I).

The zoo, meanwhile, should be seeking legal recourse for the fact that their polar bears have developed a taste for human flesh and the zookeepers can't go near them.

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