Thursday, April 16, 2009


Needs must

It was one of those days when I was continually five minutes off the pace. I didn't start getting prepared for football early enough, when I looked for my boots they weren't there, I ended up having to play in tennis shoes and played like a right dolt.

Got home, didn't have time to take a shower because tea needed cooking. Next thing you know, it's five minutes until I'm supposed to meet the dad at the social club and deodorant (shower in a can) is nowhere to be found.

My eyes came to rest on the can of air freshener.

I've done rougher things, but this is my worst in a little while.


Did you ever know, Mince, that....
You know, Mince- I think we can safely say that's the last thing I expected.
Gonna get one of the fam to pony up for a copy of your tome for the bday. Hope all's well with you!
Dan, you're a legend!! :D
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